eBay Christmas Boutique

This is a Social Media film to promote the opening of eBay’s ‘QR Code’ Christmas Boutique. The film was shot and edited on location giving the client immediate access for content approval and speeding the delivery of the finished film.

Milwaukee Power Tools

This film was produced using a Lighting Cameraman operating a track and dolly.  Adding movement to the camera makes a static subject more dynamic.

Focused Media Showreel

Focused Media provides high quality video and film services to the broadcast and corporate markets. Our flexible and professional service helps our customers to fulfil their video and film requirements. We provide step-by-step guidance, delivering all your key messages with creative, eye-catching content of the highest standard. The scope of our work ranges from supplying […]

Time Lapse

A time-lapse sequence showing a stage build. A very effective way of showing a changing scene. By recording single frames, longer periods of time can be captured. It’s also more time efficient in post production than recording in real time.

DSLR Time-lapse & Slow Motion Rig

Night time lapse using DSLR camera and geared rig.

DSLR Time-lapse

Time-lapse shot on a DSLR camera without a geared rig

Polecam Promo

Examples of the type of shots produced using a Polecam.

Rail Research

Promotional film for the University of Southampton. ‘Rail Research’ gives an overview of the research being carried out into rail infrastructure. This film highlights the facilities and expertise being used in collaborative work with industry. The majority of acquisition was on Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera using Canon EF lenses. This was to achieve […]

Research Opportunities for Psychology Undergraduates

Another example of our Multi-Skilled Operator service, this film helps demonstrate the opportunities for Undergraduates studying Psychology at the University of Southampton.  We produced a simple and effective film that delivers clearly our client’s key messages.

CBT Psychology, Postgraduate Student, Charlotte Winfield

Produced with our Multi-Skilled Operator service, this film helps demonstrate the success of studying at the University of Southampton. Shot in one location, an informal networking event, we produced a simple and effective film that delivers our client’s key messages clearly, and concisely.

Institute Of Environmental Sciences

A short film highlighting a case study about nuclear power station decommissioning. An example of our Multi-skilled service.

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DSLR Time-lapseView Project
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Rail ResearchView Project
Research Opportunities for Psychology UndergraduatesView Project
CBT Psychology, Postgraduate Student, Charlotte WinfieldView Project
Institute Of Environmental SciencesView Project