Time Lapse

Winchester City Promo

We were commissioned to provide a promotional film for the Winchester School of Art.  They wanted to show-off the city of Winchester to potential over-seas students and to encourage them to apply to the University.  We used a Polecam and a slider to give movement to our shots and combined this with time-lapse photography.

Time Lapse

A time-lapse sequence showing a stage build. A very effective way of showing a changing scene. By recording single frames, longer periods of time can be captured. It’s also more time efficient in post production than recording in real time.

DSLR Time-lapse & Slow Motion Rig

Night time lapse using DSLR camera and geared rig.

DSLR Time-lapse

Time-lapse shot on a DSLR camera without a geared rig

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Time LapseView Project
DSLR Time-lapse & Slow Motion RigView Project
DSLR Time-lapseView Project